Troubleshooting QuoteLink:


  • make sure a firewall or antivirus are not blocking QuoteLink. If in doubt shut them down and test again.
    If you confirm that was the cause reconfigure the firewall/antivirus and start it again
  • Check if there are any add-ins listed in disabled items list inside Excel
  • check also if qL > menu About shows > Logged on
  • make sure the feed is configured. Follow the instructions for you provider.

How to test:

  • Locate the qL icon that appears on the icon tray on the right bottom of your desktop(if not visible tell windows to have it visible by clicking on the up arrow then customize)
  • Use the examples appearing under menu > Worksheets
  • basic example must work and quotes must be updating if markets are open. If they don't then there is at problem at configuration level that must be solved before anything else.
  • Press keys Ctrl+Q to open the menu with examples - check them